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Looking for high-performance antenna products at the most reasonable prices? Then look no further than 73 Antennas. We have a selection of items to suit all your needs. Safe on line purchasing.

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From Yagi Antennas, End Feds, to Cobweb Antennas – we supply them all.


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Rely on us because we have been serving clients for years.


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About 73 Antennas

A variety of Antennas Under A Single Roof

73 Antennas is a reliable supplier of high-quality antennas. We offer many different types of antennas, including Dual Band Yagi Antennas, HF End Fed Antennas, and Cobweb Antennas. We also offer safe online payment methods and fast delivery. You can rest assured that your product will be delivered to your doorstep on time. Want to learn more about our products? Interested in placing an order with us? Drop us a line or visit our online shop today.

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Our antennas are thoroughly tested and built to last the most harsh weather conditions.


For base station and mobile

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We always strive to give you a satisfactory shopping experience. No matter what your query is, we are here to answer.

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We never cut corners on quality. That is why our antennas are a great value for money.

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